Finished or semi-finished products to fit your needs


Premiere Seals added a variety of aluminum products to our portfolio several years ago. An existing customer approached us with a specific need and we were able to streamline their process, exceed their quality expectations, and resulted in significant cost savings for the customer. Over the life of this program, not only have their cost savings been significant but they have also been able to focus on other aspects of production where they can be more efficient.

Premiere Seals can provide both finished (rolled ends, polished, anodize, powder coated, etc.) and semi-finished products (raw lengths) or a combination that suits your production requirements. Extrusion also works extremely well with aluminum, which can often become brittle during other types of processing. Through the extrusion process, Premiere Seals is able to create an object with a fixed, cross-sectional profile to whatever length you desire. Unique shapes and a consistent product are our specialty.

Let us help you streamline your aluminum needs for maximum productivity.