Developing solutions for your industry

Premiere Precision Components manufactures o-rings, custom molded items, and complete assemblies for over 60 unique industries. Our breadth of manufacturing capabilities and experience allows us to develop a specific manufacturing solution and control plan for your unique requirements.

Our products are found in these and many other applications:


From simple flat gaskets to noise reduction / insulation elements on an AC compressor we have the design and material compounds that will suit your needs. Are you developing a new design? Let us develop a quick turnaround, low cost prototype tool for you to keep your engineering team on schedule.


Whether you need an NBR cabin seal, a silicone flat gasket, or a Fluorocarbon or Neoprene O-ring, we can provide TS certified parts with full Level 3 PPAP documentation and a logistics solution to meet your production schedule.


Do you require a seal that has to vent and provide leak free service to a specified depth? Does it have to be certified with a certain Mil-Spec or be lubricated? We have the capability and experience to make sure your final product meets all of your testing requirements.


Premiere Precision Components has years of experience providing customer specific items for both residential and commercial HVAC manufacturers. We work closely with these manufacturers to keep their product pricing competitive.


Premiere Precision Components works closely with many of the leading manufacturers in the Pool/Spa marketplace to ensure that their products comply with stringent in-field testing required by the industry. As the chemical requirements of these products evolve, so does Premiere Precision Components and its ability to meet your changing compound needs.

Seal/Rubber Distributors:

Throughout North America, Premiere Precision Components continues to partner with regional distributors on high volume programs which would normally be out of their capability. We have helped numerous companies grow their business by being their private brand manufacturing partner.

Sporting Goods:

Are you in the diving, paintball, motorcycle, or race car industry? If so, there is a good chance you have been using one of our seals. We process numerous custom material blends used by sporting goods manufacturers worldwide. Let us develop a solution so your customers can keep playing for years to come.


From brass nozzle tips to cap seals and pressure valves we have supplied the sprayer industry with both production and repair parts. We have experience supplying and producing multiple material blends to work with the latest and most commonly used media in sprayer-based applications.


As communication technology progresses, so does Premiere Precision Components. We continue to work with industry leaders to develop robust sealing solutions to ensure that their customers have a clean signal across their entire network. Our products can help reduce your carbon footprint and waste as well as shorten rework requirements.

The Art of Component Manufacturing