Providing components for all types of manufacturers


Manufacturing for light and heavy duty sprayer applications, Premiere Precision Components has provided products at all levels of the sprayer and irrigation industry. From light duty hand sprayers to large industrial high pressure spray heads, Premiere Precision Components has experience manufacturing the critical sealing component items utilized in each application. If your products are called upon to pressurize, seal, and spray any type of fluid, we have the knowledge to produce the sealing components you require.

Sprayer components

O-Rings, D-rings, flat gaskets, washers, pressure disks, and umbrella valves are just a few of the component items currently under production for our manufacturing customers. Most of these items are produced in a variety of materials due to chemical compatibility issues with the fluid media being handled. We can work with your specifications and your requirements to get you the parts you need.

Brass spray heads

In addition to rubber products, Premiere Precision Components currently manufactures brass spray heads for handheld sprayers. We can provide these and our seals for your production line or in retail packaging as an OEM repair kit.

The Art of Component Manufacturing