Developing the most effective solutions

Premiere Precision Components is the market leading supplier of standard and non-standard sealing products to the flashlight manufacturing industry. We have extensive experience working hand-in-hand with our customers to develop the most effective and cost competitive solutions possible for their manufacturing needs.

Customized O-Rings


Many flashlight cases use a standard o-ring to seal the body against moisture. Premiere Precision Components provides these o-rings to our customers from tools specifically manufactured for their applications to ensure consistency quality, availability and price.

Advanced Development

To offer the most technically advanced personal lighting gear to both private and government consumers, our customers are constantly developing products capable of handling severe environmental conditions. We work closely with your development teams to produce prototypes for testing to ensure that these specifications are met. Over the past few years, we have employed custom sizing, hardness, lubrication, and profile variations to help make their products perform. Once approved, our production team maintains manufacturing protocols to guarantee that the products they receive meet their stringent demands.

The Art of Component Manufacturing