Keeping you connected

Telecom Part

More bars and more bandwidth in more areas is the name of the game to the top cellular providers. To compete at the highest level, corporations must ensure not only that their networks remain on-line and functioning, but also maintain the highest and cleanest signal strengths possible. Premiere Precision Components works closely with industry leaders to develop robust sealing solutions for both wiring and connection terminals, insuring that they stay impervious to external conditions.

High standards in high volume

With the high volume and automated manufacturing required in this industry, Premiere Precision Components maintains the highest level of quality with all of our products. This ensures that products process cleanly through auto-feed assembly equipment and keep manufacturing costs low. We have also helped prototype and manufacture specialized seals, internally lubricated parts, and complete weatherproof assemblies per our customers’ requirements.

Original and innovative technology

Premiere Precision Components will work closely with your engineering department to supply prototypes for testing and evaluation and then develop the best manufacturing program to meet your production requirements. Let us prove that we not only understand your industry, but also will do what is required to be your best manufacturing partner.

The Art of Component Manufacturing