A Quarter Century of Precision Component Manufacturing Expertise

Custom Molded Rubber + Plastic Parts Fabrication
For almost a quarter century, Premiere Seals, now Premiere Precision Components (PPC), has served the needs of commercial and industrial OEMS and distributors by offering a wide array of molded plastic and rubber engineered parts and equipment components.

As an ISO certified component provider, PPC leverages low cost country manufacturing and best-in-class quality control processes to deliver over 560 million rubber + plastic parts every year. Additionally, our commitment to customer intimacy and support of R&D and prototype manufacturing programs has resulting in our delivering over 3,500 custom tools to some of the world’s most demanding companies.

Rubber Molded and Plastic Products

Precise Molding + Fabrication Processes
We offer a complete range of services from design and precision manufacturing to strict quality control throughout the entire production process.

R&D Prototyping: The ability to support short lead times with First Article availability and shipping to designated customer or distribution locations often within 2-3 weeks

Rapid Production Ramp Up: The ability to support quick turn-around production needs and ship finished production parts often within an 8-10 week timeframe

Advanced Tooling: Best-in-class, advanced machining including a broad range of turning, boring, milling, and ultrasonic machining processes to create custom molds and precision tools

Sophisticated Manufacturing: Precise extrusion and injection molded rubber and plastic molded parts

Bonding & Over Molding: Finely honed processes to combine metal and elastomer substrates creating added structural integrity to precisely engineered component parts and assemblies

A Track Record Of Quality + Responsiveness
PPC is a fully integrated custom molded rubber, plastic, and metal component parts manufacturer. We design and fabricate a broad range of mission critical custom component parts and assemblies for a wide array of OEM manufacturers and distributors around the world.

We specialize in rapid development programs and competitively priced manufacturing which we deliver throughout “vested partnerships” with the highest quality manufacturing facilities located in select overseas low cost countries. Vested partnerships mean we invest in and hold significant equity in the overseas plants that produce our parts and assembled solutions. This affords PPC the ability to manage production and delivery timelines in line with our customer’s supply chain requirements.

6 Compelling Differentiators Vs. Other Component Providers
In the world of high volume, precisely engineered rubber, plastic, and metal parts, PPC stands out. Here are six key differentiators that distinguish Premiere Precision Components from other contract manufacturers.

A track record of low product reject rates exceeding ISO/IATF standards.
ISO certified manufacturer, employing Six Sigma production methodologies.

20+ year history of engineering and manufacturing the highest quality precision components
Seasoned production management and QC on staff personnel

Competitive Pricing
The advantages of low cost offshore manufacturing
A meticulous focus on overhead cost control provide products at highly competitive net delivered pricing.

Inventory Management
The ability to warehouse and manage customer inventory
A commitment to deliver components on a JIT (Just In Time) basis.

A documented record of delivering components faster than industry averages
Maintain onshore inventory to drive rapid shipping capabilities.

Customer Support
All customer supported by a dedicated PPC account team.
Customer support available 24/7

A Commitment to Quality
At PPC, we take producing the highest quality, most reliable components and engineered assemblies to heart! We embrace strict quality control practices and maintain ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

ISO 9001:2015We work closely with our customers to design dies that consistently produce only the highest quality, on spec parts. From molded rubber and plastic parts to more complex engineered metal component systems, PPC has the experience, resources, and commitment to provide the highest quality, custom manufactured solutions to our OEM manufacturer and distributor partners.

The Art of Component Manufacturing