Determining the best manufacturing solutions

To function properly in an application it is often necessary to bond the rubber part to a supportive metal backing or structure. Premiere Precision Components has extensive experience bonding rubber to steel, brass and plastic for a wide variety of applications, with both high and low tolerance requirements.


The bonding process requires three essential elements: the rubber material, a bonding agent, and the substrate. Selection of these three components is dependant entirely on the application, environmental conditions, fluid compatibility, and more. A bond can be formed with almost any rubber compound with very few exceptions. Bonding agent selection depends on the type of rubber utilized, the modulus of the rubber, and the application.

For rotary or high stress applications utilizing an injection molded operation allows the greatest process controls and produces the best results. For basic or low volume applications a compression process can produce high quality results as well. Premiere Precision Components can help determine the best manufacturing solution for your specific program requirements.

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The Art of Component Manufacturing