Over a decade of experience supplying custom molded rubber items

Depending on your volume, product design and requirements we can utilize a compression, transfer, or injection molded manufacturing process to get you the best quality and competitive pricing.


Compression molding is the process wherein uncured rubber is cut to a strip and placed into a pre-heated mold and then compressed at a specified pressure for a specific time and temperature to properly vulcanize (cure) the material.

With transfer molding the uncured rubber is drawn into a temporary chamber and then compressed to force uncured rubber into a heated tool of closed plates for a specific time and temperature to property vulcanize (cure) the material. Transfer molding is specialized for parts with complex design. This process produces reduced flash versus compression molding.

Injection molding is similar to transfer molding but is designed for higher production volumes. It is in uncured rubber which is injected by screw or cylinder thru injection gates into closed tool plates. Then vulcanized (cured) at specified pressure for a specific time and temperature.

Both transfer and injection molds remain closed throughout the molding process and therefore are usually capable of producing more intricate and consistent parts than a compression molded item.

When you are ready to start production you will find both our prototype and production tooling times are some of the quickest in the industry. Let Premiere Precision Components help you hit those aggressive production or testing deadlines.

Let us help you streamline your next project involving custom molded items.

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