Specific knowledge for every application

Every day, millions of O-rings are installed into everything from diving regulators, paint ball guns, aircraft valves, automobile brakes, electrical connectors, hydraulic cylinders and a variety of other applications. With each of these rings comes significant design knowledge specific to its application.


For every O-ring there is a specific set of parameters which helps determine the exact “fit” for the job. Size, machining tolerance, extrusion resistance, material selection, durometer, fluid compatibility, and cost are just some of the criteria used to choose an O-ring for an application. With a simple change of one of these parameters an O-ring can go from “a perfect fit” to “an absolute failure.”

As a manufacturer you know that your engineering design team has been diligent to specifying the correct part for each of your assemblies. You know your industry better than anyone and the quality of your parts is a testament to this. We feel the same way about the O-rings we manufacture. Where your engineers know what they need and why they need it, our job is to deliver the correct parts to you on time, every time and at the right price.

Premiere Precision Components currently manufactures a wide range of standard, metric and non-standard O-ring sizes in a variety of compounds and durometers, including materials such as Buna Nitrile, EPDM, Fluorocarbon, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Neoprene, and Teflon. We can also provide a variety of types such as Teflon coated, internally or externally lubricated, hollow O-rings, encapsulated O-rings, or vulcanized O-rings. We also specialize in producing custom O-rings for your unique applications with non-standard cross sections, durometers, or material requirements.

Let us help you streamline your next project involving O-rings.

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