Reduce Stock and Streamline Processing

A blanket order is a purchase order which contains multiple delivery dates scheduled over a negotiated period of time. These are normally utilized where there is a recurring need for goods or where an ongoing requirement can be forecasted by the customer.

Benefits of Blanket Ordering

The blanket order is set at a fixed price for the length of the contract allowing the customer to closely control their costs. Utilizing a blanket order allows a customer to not only reduce the amount of stock they carry, reducing overhead, but also eliminates the administrative expense of processing frequent purchase orders. Another benefit is that raw materials for component manufacturing are usually secured far in advance allowing any industry volatility to be controlled.

Let Premiere Precision Components help analyze your purchasing history to determine if a blanket order is right for you or your project. Based on your annual production schedule or seasonal requirements, we can guarantee the best pricing possible with a blanket commitment and lock in pricing for the length of the order.

The Art of Component Manufacturing